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Curve Dental provides a modern set of technology products and services to optimize the business of dentistry through innovation, efficiency and simplicity. To facilitate engaging office environments that result in excellent patient care and highly profitable practices.



Explain treatment options clearly. Increase treatment acceptance. Ease parent/child apprehensions - Learn more 


With Curve Dental’s Hero Sidekick, manage appointments with ease, anywhere at any time. - Learn more 


Save time and get paid faster with effortless billing and configurable invoices. - Learn More 

Smart Forms

Eliminate tedious manual data entry with customizable online dental forms. - learn more 

Patient Portal

Take the "wait" out of waiting room by giving patients a safe, low-touch/no-touch alternative. - Learn more

Dental Reporting

Choose from a large selection of standard dental reports written for you or easily customize them so you can view information the way you want it. - learn more 

Files and Letters

File management that puts patient records in their own, easily accessible place. - learn more

Payment Processing

Reduce receivables and improve cash flow with fully integrated payment processing. - learn more


Capture, store, and access your favorite smiles to and from the cloud in real-time. - learn more

Perio Charting

Our advanced graphical view includes teeth that are drawn anatomically correct, which allows for easier perio charting and increased input accuracy. - learn more

GRO patient Engagement

Fewer no-shows, cancellations, and callbacks with this patient engagement tool. - learn more

Business Intelligence

Combine our standard dental reports, custom report functionality, and myPractice™ dashboards to provide actionable insights into finances and operations. - LEARN MORE


Delivers legend drug and controlled substance prescribing, robust medication history data, an in-workflow prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) checking, and at-a-glance allergy alerts — all in one app. - LEARN MORE


  • Dr. Hans Herchen image

    Dr. Hans Herchen
    Case Study

    “In a complex world running
    22 locations, Curve SuperHero has been a seamless,
    pleasing, and positive asset that only requires
    minimal attention.” - Dr. Herchen